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Resource Center for Inclusive Education and Inclusive Development

(A joint initiative of CBR NETWORK- Vijaya Teachers College)

Samyojitha Inclusive education resource center

National Resource Center for Inclusive Education was opened in Vijaya Teachers College CTE, Jayanagar, which was the result of the joint work of the Vijaya Teachers training college and CBR NETWORK, Bangalore.

 National council of Teacher education has introduced a dynamic teacher education framework in 2014 which has included inclusive education as an integral part if teacher training at all levels. The resource center is established to provide all resources on inclusive education under one roof to help universities, teachers, policy makers.

The Center is meant to become a unique unit of the both partners to promote research and development in Inclusive Education.

The resource center will work with a focus which will not only ensure purposeful and coordinated implementation of best practices in the educational process, as well as ensure accumulation, systematization and exchange of experience in the sphere of implementing inclusive education in India and other countries, but will also promote the idea of promoting inclusiveness in education for all learners at all levels.

University faculties, Research Centers, Teacher Training Colleges, Teachers, Media, Parents, Individual with Special/Diverse Needs can use the resource center to enhance their knowledge.

 Inclusive education resource consists of:



3.Digital library/E books

4.Multi Media/videos

5.Fact sheets

Bimonthly online seminars

Inclusive education resource centers organized bimonthly online seminars on different contemporary issues related to Disability and Inclusion. Teachers, Teacher Trainers, Parents, Persons with Disabilities, Media, Policy Makers Can Join the Online Seminars After Registration.


The annual membership fee for the resource center is Rs 1000/- for the institutions and 500/- for the individual annually.

We welcome you to join us

For further information


  1. Smt Kalyani – 9741914150/kalskavin2020@gmail.com
  2. Mr Shashidhara T.N -9738112009/Shashi.tn@gmail.com


Vijaya Teacher’s college (C.T.E)

30th Cross, 11th Main,

4th Block, Jayanagar,

Bangalore – 560 011.

Ph : +91 – 80 – 26631413

Email id : inclusiveindia17@gmail.com /vtccte1960@gmail.com


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